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S4 Engineering has developed into a leading liquid and powder process solution, equipment, spares and consumable supplier to the food, beverage, brewery, bakery, dairy and utility industries throughout the UK and overseas.

S4 Engineering pride themselves in understanding their customers needs and provide an integrated, focused and independent single source for the procurement of equipment and spares, whether mechanical, electrical, instrumentation or control.


We recognise the challenge industries have to face in meeting plant performance, operational efficiency and the need to keep costs down

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  • Bakkavor Foods - Product Recovery System

    S4 Engineering Ltd were approached by Cerberus (part of Bakkavor Foods) to look at ways of improving the effectiveness of the recovery systems on their mayonnaise and sour cream lines.


    The brief was to recover more product from the line, reduce the current amount of CIP’s used, and lower effluent levels. Conventional pigging or recovery methods could not be used on the line as it already had mix-proof valves installed - which a conventional pigging system would not be able to pass.


    S4’s solution was to install a high velocity, high volume air recovery system that pushes large volumes of air through the pipework purging the product out of the line. This method resulted in a significant improvement in overall efficiency reclaiming more than 90% of the product within the pipe work. Glycol tracing the pipeline also allowed product to be held in the line for longer periods of time, resulting in significant cost savings and reduced downtime.


    S4’s expertise in process design, electrical and mechanical installation and integration ensured that  modifications to the line were made with minimum disruption to production.


    With a projected return on investment within 12 months the project was seen as a major success by the client, more than exceeding their expectations.

  • Britvic - Catagory 3 CIP Upgrade & Temporary Syrup Feeds

    S4 Engineering Ltd were asked by Britvic to set up a temporary feed of two lines from their existing syrup make up plant to two new fillers - which were part of two new production lines to be installed at a later date.


    The work included all mechanical, electrical and SCADA upgrades to their existing plant included adding a new Mix Proof valve block and pumps to move the syrup from the feeders over to the mixers.


    S4 were also asked to upgrade Britvics current CIP set to a PepsiCo Cat 3 Standard. This also included adding another vessel (taking the amount of vessels up to four), UV sterilization unit and new heat exchangers. Mechanical, electrical and software upgrades were also required which


    S4 integrated into the current system in a way that allowed it to be used in conjunction with the two new production lines when they are installed.


    S4s’ project managers and dedicated engineers worked hand in hand with Britvic to ensure no disruption to workflow resulting in a smooth transition to the new system. All work was carried out with the plant still running at it’s optimum capacity.

  • Britvic - Line Removal

    S4 Engineering Ltd were contacted by Britvic to remove a complete filling line from their plant based in Rugby (UK). The project included the decommission (including electrical, mechanical and software), breakdown and removal of a pasteuriser, carbonator, filler, palletiser and associated conveyor equipment and platform access - all as part of Britvics’ extensive expansion plan for the plant.


    A key to the success of the project was S4s’ ability to complete the project without any disruption to the rest of the plant on-time and on-budget.


    All equipment removed from the plant on this project for the project was certified and disposed of responsively.

  • The Silver Spoon Company - Pump Service & Valve Replacement

    S4 Engineering Ltd were asked by Silver Spoon (Bury St Edmonds) to replace all current valves and service all the existing pumps in their boiler house. The challenge was to replace all the valves with like-for-like new ones with the same face-to-face dimensions.


    The boiler house layout consisted of two levels with the valves and pumps situated in high and low   positions, some hard to access.

    S4 engineers however completed the servicing of the pumps and

    the replacement of the valves on-time and on-budget without any disruption to production.

  • Jordans Ryvita - Honey & Syrup Pumping System

    S4 Engineering Ltd were contacted by Jordans at Biggleswade to find a way of integrating two new ingredients into their mixing system; enabling Jordans to add more recipes to their existing product line.


    Ingredients held in IBC’s (intermediate bulk containers) are decanted into new S4 holding tanks then specialist high viscosity air driven piston pumps - also installed by S4 - are used to transfer the product from the holding tank to the mixing vessels proir to going into the ovens.


    S4 carried out all mechanical, electrical and control work integrating new pipework which was heat traced, lagged and clad into the system. New valves and control philosophies were also integrated into their existing SCADA systems.


    All work was carried out at weekends ensuring that no disruption was made to the workflow of the plant during the week. The project was completed successfully, installed and commissioned on time and to budget.

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