Investment Can Prevent A Major Loss In Production

A torque limiter is a vital protective tool on any powder coating extruder: it is part of the standard specification of all Baker Perkins production scale machines.


While excess torque is limited by the control system within defined preset levels, sudden overloads can and do happen. Typical causes can include a broken component such as a shaft or paddle, or a foreign body entering the barrel during production.


A catastrophic event causing a rapid rise in torque can seriously damage a drive train. That can be very disruptive and costly – new gearboxes are expensive and could involve a long lead time.


So the protection device itself must be protected against breakdown. The torque limiter contains moving parts which can seize if not checked regularly. A recommended maintenance procedure and service kit are available from Baker Perkins, and routine maintenance can be carried out easily in-house.


Regular maintenance prevents ‘nuisance’ tripping and its negative impact on production. This can be caused by poor maintenance, or the torque limiter simply being incorrectly set.


A small investment in maintenance can prevent a major loss in production.



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