MP24PC Integra: Small Machine, Big Benefits

Investing in a laboratory / small batch scale extruder can bring a rapid payback in terms of quality, flexibility and profit for powder coating manufacturers.


Testing, product development and running small batches can be an expensive business on a high output production machine, with potentially major losses of product and time.


With the Baker Perkins MP24PC Integra, all the preparation work can be carried out while the high-output extruder is in production. Small batches of materials can be prepared and subjected to testing prior to transferring to the production line. Samples for product development can be economically produced for customer verification.


The Integra delivers repeatable results that can be reproduced on our production-scale machines – the screw geometry of the larger scale extruders in the Baker Perkins range is retain the same as the Integra. This allows users reliable scale up to higher outputs.


The MP24 Integra is supplied complete with feeder, chill roll and breaker unit, mounted on a frame fitted with swivel castors. In addition to being the perfect tool for producing small scale samples, the Integra is of course equally suitable for small production runs capable of up to 100 kg/hr.

Baker Perkins can conduct a plant audit to show you just how much more production time can be created by installing an Integra, and how rapid the return on investment can be. The increased yield and efficiency savings will have a significant effect of profitability.


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