High Free Volume Geometry For Powder Coating

High free volume geometry is a significant benefit built into all Baker Perkins MP twin-screw powder coating extruders. It is the outcome of specifying motors offering just the right amount of power for the application and the output required.


Our experience enables us to identify the correct motor power for each individual machine to maximize the effectiveness of torque and process the greatest quantity of product for the minimum power and cost.


Specifying the correct motor power has allowed us to optimize the size of the shafts and screws within the extruder barrel and thus to maximize the amount of free volume available for the product. This in turn leads to the highest throughput per kW of motor power.


Many competitors’ extruders are designed for plastics applications as well as powder coating. More power is required for plastics so the shafts and base diameter of the screws are larger, which reduces free volume. In other words, this is a situation where more power actually means less performance.


High power is, simply, less efficient for the powder coating process, whereas our motor power has been optimized to provide the highest free-volume, output and efficiency.


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