Redesigned Feed For Up To 30% Increased Capacity

Baker Perkins has solved a long-term problem restricting production capacity on low bulk density materials. New screw geometry and careful consideration of the screw profile, in addition to other significant developments, have led to an increase of up to 30% more throughput on lightweight materials. It also enables top-feeding to be used instead of side-feeding which reduces capital cost and floor space.


For many companies, the ability to easily re-cycle fines means extra profit with no downside: currently some companies simply discard fines, others incur the cost of re-processing at lower throughputs. Depending on the efficiency of the grinding system, fines can constitute up to 30% of output. Re-cycling does not affect the properties of the powder coating so the ability to reprocess them leads to a significant increase in the profitability of a line.


To manufacturers unable to efficiently process all their fines at the moment this simple, cost-effective upgrade has the potential to deliver a rapid payback and a significant boost to profits.


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