European Coatings Show - See The INTEGRA

Visit Baker Perkins at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg in April (Hall 5, Stand 213) to see the MP24PC INTEGRA twin-screw extruder on display. Feeding, twin-screw extruding, cooling and flaking operations are integrated in this versatile machine, ideal for small batch production, colour matching, and new product development in the laboratory.


The INTEGRA is a rapid-response system for companies that need batch production with simple, rapid product changeover. It is straightforward to re-configure, without the need for tools, to produce colour matching samples that can be consistently reproduced, first time, on high-output production machines.


We are also introducing a new application for our gearbox condition monitoring system. This also measures downtime to produce data analysing how the extruder is utilised: the principal benefit is improved product scheduling.


Analysis will reveal trends which may show, for example, that a particular product repeatedly causes the machine to stop; or that too many small batches are being scheduled.


The gearbox condition monitoring service reduces unexpected downtime by continuously reviewing the frequency and amplitude of vibrations within the gearbox, allowing the ongoing condition of vital components to be measured. This can eliminate unforeseen loss of production because of gearbox repair or replacement: maintenance scheduling is significantly enhanced.


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