A Thermoset System In One Compact Machine

All the elements of a complete, versatile extrusion system for small batch thermoset applications are combined in the compact Baker Perkins MP24PC Integra.


Feeding, twin-screw extruding, cooling and flaking operations are integrated in a machine that can be used for small batch production, colour matching, or new product development in a laboratory.


A wide range of formulations including powder coating, toners and electronic moulding compounds (EMC) can be processed, with two models offering outputs up to 70 or 100 kg/hour (155 to 220lb/hr), with a standard 15:1 and optional 20:1 and 25:1 barrel lengths.


This flexible machine meets the growing demand for a rapid-response system capable of fulfilling batch production needs with simple, rapid product changeover.


The unit can be re-configured to enable production of colour matching samples that can be consistently reproduced, first time, on high output production machines. Colour matching is facilitated by the removal of the belt cassette, which disables the flaking unit and permits safe running of the product through the cooling rolls. This eliminates the need for cleaning of the belt and flaking unit between samples.


The Integra can be cleaned rapidly to whatever level is required. The top opening barrel allows complete shaft and screw assemblies to be lifted out easily for cleaning, or replacement with a different set. The Feeder is mounted on a swivel plate to allow easy cleaning.

The fully integrated control interface is mounted on a swivel arm to maximise access. The maintenance free servo motor allows speeds of up to 1,000 rpm and improves reliability by reducing stress on the drive components with soft start technology.


The machine is mounted on castors and delivered to site fully assembled, wired, tested and ready for connection to site services.


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