Halve Your Liner Replacement Costs

An upgrade package produces significant savings when replacing worn barrels on Baker Perkins’ range of MP twin-screw extruders. By replacing the two solid clamshell barrel sections with a segmented design, future replacements are limited to worn segments only, rather than the complete barrel. This typically produces liner replacement savings of around 50%.


Each of the existing one-piece barrel sections is replaced by a purpose-built backing block with a series of short liner segments bolted in. Once this has been installed and correctly levelled by Baker Perkins engineers any future liner replacements can be carried out by the in-house maintenance engineers. Previously it involved substantial downtime and the services of specialist engineers.


There are further cost reductions through the choice of different materials in high and low wear areas. A choice of tool steels or HIP materials is available to extend liner life and reduce running costs.


Additional benefits include the introduction of cast slab heaters to replace cartridge heaters, giving improved heat distribution, extended life and simpler removal and replacement. Barrel extension options also provide increased mixing capacity.


The retrofit package covers MP50, 65, 80, 100 and 125 series extruders.


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